About Dr. Dan

Welcome! I’m glad I have this chance to introduce myself. I’m Dr. Dan Metevier.

I’m a psychologist with a practice in Carlsbad, CA. I like to work with a variety of clients and often serve as a starting point for those persons who know something is not right, but don’t know where to begin in addressing their issue. I help these people feel better about themselves, their lives, and their relationships. I help people understand what other resources are available and what those resources do.

I also like to write. I may not be a good writer, but I enjoy it nevertheless. Much of my writing focuses on therapy, especially from an “insider’s viewpoint,” and “the life well led,” so to speak.

I believe it is important that people in need find the right person to help them, someone with whom they feel comfortable and who they think can help them. I invite you to learn about me through this blog and talk to me about how I can help, or let others know about me, if appropriate. I also invite you to contact me at 760.354.9140 if you have a question about therapy. I look forward to making contact with you!


Dan Metevier, PsyD

Lic.# PSY19748

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