Top Ten Ways to Make Your Therapist Like You

If you’re like most people going to therapy for the first time, you’ll be sure and want to make your therapist like you. Don’t worry, this is normal. It’s a symptom of what you came to therapy for and, with any luck, you’ll get over it in due time.

(By the way, I’m being totally facetious as I write this, except for #1.)

In the meantime, here are the top ten ways to make your therapist like you:

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Top Ten Ways to Know You Have a Good Therapist

Unfortunately, not all therapists are the same, or even of the same quality. When you walk into a particular McDonald’s, Starbuck’s, or Home Depot, you can pretty much expect to have the same or similar experience as at any other location. Same is true, although less so, of walking into any doctor’s office. You know the drill, and there are few, if any, surprises. Not true of a therapist’s office.

To guide you in knowing, albeit after the fact, whether or not you are working with a good therapist, here are some important things to watch for:

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