Although I sometimes refer to the use of medication to address psychological problems as a
"Refusal of the Call," it can be very helpful for some people. Others try it and find it doesn't
work for them. Still others don't want to consider it. In my opinion, use of medication is your
choice and, as with any other decision, I would be happy to help you in the process of making
that choice.

Please note that I am not a physician or a psychiatrist and am not able to prescribe
medications. However, I can provide information and ideas for you to discuss with your doctor.
Further, I would be happy to talk to your doctor, with your permission, about possible courses
of treatment and help you and your doctor monitor your treatment.

Contact me to discuss this further.
Therapist Journey
I do not have a psychiatrist and
I do not want one, for the simple reason
he might become disturbed.
~ James Thurber

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