Metevier is a misspelled, mispronounced French surname by way of Canada. I understand it is
a fairly common name in France, but spelled Metivier. They pronounce it "meh-tee-vee-
over there. It means "person of unfathomable wisdom." OK, just kidding. It means "harvester,"
as in someone who harvests.

Anyway, a long time ago, my grandfather changed the spelling and pronunciation of our name
to sound "more American." My family now pronounces it:

With a name like Metevier, you can imagine that I answer to a lot of things. However, you can
just call me "Dan." Or, some people call me "Dr. Dan." Your choice; whatever makes you most
comfortable. I like them all.
Therapist Journey
A rose by any other name
would smell as sweet             
~ Juliet, from Shakespeare's
Romeo and Juliet

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