The following statements from former clients describe how they experienced me in individual
therapy or relationship counseling sessions. I feel humbled by their statements and honored to
have played a positive role in their lives. I hope these statements give you an idea of how I
work and what to expect if you choose to work with me. All of these statements were acquired
in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the American Psychological Association, and each
person has agreed in writing to allow me to publish their statements here in this format.

Female individual client
“I feel like Dan listens to me and works hard on my issues. He listens and gives good feedback.
He gives me direction, but doesn’t push me to see only his point. He’s caring, human, and
considerate. He goes overboard to help me keep going. He feels safe, secure, and honest and
I’ve never had this type of caring from a therapist before.”

Male individual client
“Dan must have a remarkable memory. He is a thoughtful listener. He hears me out and finds
opportunities for him to ask me to probe important issues/feelings to greater depths. Unlike
other therapists with whom I’ve interacted, Dan is willing to take a ‘position’ and help me with
judgment calls when I think it’s important.”

Female relationship counseling client
“I like how Dan ‘re-phrases’ my comments – it makes me feel understood. In couples
counseling, I like how he makes my partner and I look at each other and talk to each other.
Dan listens well and has a good recall of info from other sessions. Dan’s humor is appreciated.
I like how Dan ‘notices’ changes in facial expressions/body posture and will comment on it. Dan
was very encouraging and helped us to recognize a success in our work.”

Male relationship counseling client
“Fair and unbiased – structured so that I don’t feel completely at fault but gives me the
opportunity to see how I can improve and work to understand why my wife and I clash. (Dan’s
style) works well and did save my marriage.”

Female individual client
“I feel safe in my day-to-day living knowing (he is) behind me. (I appreciate) the way he can
detect areas of goodness that I’d accomplish when I am telling him of the happenings of my
last week. If I come in feeling anxieties of certain events that have occurred, he helps me to
understand my reactions. I honestly like and appreciate Dan. I feel very fortunate to have Dan
as my psychologist. Not only does he listen, he tries to help me adjust to life in general."

Female individual client
“You have an incredible ability to listen. No matter what I want to talk about, good or bad,
mostly bad, you always listen. You are not judgmental, or critical, you simply listen, with an
open mind and heart. This clearly shows me you care about my situation and feelings. I believe
that over time, after getting to know the person inside the clinician, trust was built. For me this
was a difficult endeavor. But with your help, I have been able to trust you. Not an easy thing for
me as I don’t trust easily. Thank you is such small words that encompass so much. I know that
at times, it seems as if we talk about nonsensical things that pertain to nothing more that the
weather, but for me it is a release. I believe you see this and listen as intently as if we were
discussing something meaningful. Sometimes I just need someone to listen to me, regardless
of the topic. God knows I talk a lot, but having someone truly listen is totally different and often
needed. I also appreciate your honesty when discussing issues that touch close to home. This
shows me the personal side of you. I appreciate that you will toss in a personal experience to
help explain feelings I have. This lends to the trust issue. You let me know you are a real
person and it helps me immensely, breaking down the ‘man’ barrier.”
Therapist Journey
Every person that you meet knows
something you don't; learn from them.
~ H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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