In addition to providing psychotherapy and relationship counseling, I really enjoy doing
assessments and evaluations of adult clients (sorry, no children or adolescents). This includes
both psychological testing and “light” neuropsychological testing. You or your clients may find
this a useful addition to your therapy work.

For example, you might have a really tough case where you just don’t feel sure of what’s going
on with a person. Here, I might recommend an MCMI (Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory) to
check for personality disorders and possibly a SIMS (Structured Inventory of Malingered

Or, you may have a client who you suspect has problems with early dementia. You may have
provided an MMSE (Mini Mental Status Exam) and they failed. But, you’d like to have more
information to provide to the client’s family or physician. In this case, I might recommend a
Geriatric Depression Scale to rule out depression and possibly some neuropsychological
screening (BVMG and Trails) to rule out neurological issues.

In either case above, I might also recommend some level of trauma assessment, as I have
found that many people with unusual mental disorder or medical issues have a trauma history.
"The body bears the burden" and "the body remembers," as they say.

You get the idea.

This is a list of the tests I can provide:

    Personality/Pathology Assessment
    Geriatric Depression Scale
    Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAM-A)
    Male-Specific Depression Inventory
    Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory III (MCMI-III)
    Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory 2 (MMPI-2)
    Rorschach Inkblot Test
    Rotter Incomplete Sentences Blank – Adult Form
    Structured Inventory of Malingered Symptomatology (SIMS)
    Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
    Yale Brown Obsessive-Compulsive Scale

    Cognitive Assessment/Neuropsychological Screening
    Autistic Spectrum Quotient (AQ)
    Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test (BVMG)
    Brown ADD Scales - Adult
    Conjoint Cortical Screen
    Dementia Rating Scale
    Mini Mental Status Exam
    Stroop Color and Word Test (Stroop)
    Test of Memory Malingering (TOMM)
    Trailmaking Tests A and B (Trails)
    Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – Third Edition (WAIS-III)
    Wechsler Memory Scale – Third Edition (WMS-III)

    Trauma Assessment
    Dissociative Experiences Scale (DES)
    PTSD Symptom Scale
    Structured Interview for Disorders of Extreme Stress (SIDES)
    Traumatic Antecedents Questionnaire (TAQ)

If you believe that testing and assessment of your client can help put your work on the right
path, please call me at
I wish you'd help me look into a more
interesting problem - namely, my sanity.
~ Kurt Vonnegut

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